Do-It-Yourself Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to run your ads on Facebook?

  Are You Boosting Post?

Are you struggling to understand how to use Facebook Business Manager?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this gig is for you!

Our one-on-one screen share call will go over everything you need to know about Facebook Business Manager and how to run ads the correct way. This will help you increase sales and conversions for your business!

The 3-hour call will go over the following- 

I’m Mouhssine Ettaouti, Facebook Ads Strategist based in Hanover, New Jersey.  I am the founder of JIM Jersey Internet Marketing. I love everything about Marketing. I have been working in the online advertising industry for over 5 years and have launched hundreds of ads with Facebook 

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Ad is one of the most affordable and targeted forms of advertising. Most of your potential audience or customers or leads are using Facebook on a regular basis.
Facebook has the ability to reach your exact audience who are not only interested but ready to buy your product or service. But, only if you know how to direct it.

More and more businesses are using Facebook advertising as it drives fast results, regardless of what industry you are in.

Facebook advertising has become an essential way to increase your brand awareness, attract potential leads, and convert them into your customers.

Even if you do not own any business, but want to learn a high-income skill, Facebook advertising is the one for you. Learn the skill and can start your own agency to help businesses that still need to taste the power of Facebook advertising.